Psychick Warriors ov Gaia – Record Of Breaks (1995)

Psychick Warriors ov Gaia - Record Of Breaks

A slow, organic pulse. Sounds of dry percussion echoing from dead angles behind our ears. Sparse cymbals, patient construction of layers, oscillations, nervous flows, and powder of architectural residues. The fibrous bass remains in its groove, a luminous beam guiding us through the dimness of this otherworldly, timeless space, illuminated only by the distant flights of […]

Omar S – Just Ask The Lonely (2005)

Omar S - Just Ask The Lonely

Just ask the lonely, the urban outcast, the lunatic of the big cities; especially when it comes to Detroit, a real blemish on the face of American capitalism. Alex Omar Smith, also known as Omar-S, is a true product of this already severely degraded environment during the heyday of the Detroit Techno counter-aristocracy – the […]

A Guy Called Gerald – Black Secret Technology (1995)

A Guy Called Gerald - Black Secret Technology

When it was released in 1995, “Black Secret Technology” wasn’t Gerald Simpson’s first rodeo. Despite his acid house beginnings with 808 State and his famous “Voodoo Ray” hit, he had been immersed in the hardcore breakbeat cauldron for four years already (his Juice Box label’s first releases date back to 1991). During this time, he […]

Muslimgauze – Veiled Sisters (1993)

Muslimgauze - Veiled Sisters

“Veiled Sisters” is one of Bryn Jones’ early attempts at what would become the most common embodiment of his music: his exhilarating, menacing, and highly repetitive ambient/techno/dub pieces. After the release of this thick and opaque double album on Soleilmoon, the Mancunian producer’s music would never truly be the same again, all until his sudden […]