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August 24th, 2023

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Andrey Ramonov

Andrey Ramonov stands as one of those rare DJs who seem comfortable in any style of electronic music. A quick glance at his online mixes demonstrates how eclectic his record collection is: traversing from jungle to downtempo, ambient to deep house, it becomes clear there is no style the man hasn’t already explored.

At the same time, one would not expect anything less from someone who dedicated five years of his life working at DIG, an iconic record shop in Moscow that drew dozens of diggers keen to discover Andrey’s latest finds. Prior to this period that he describes as his “best five years”, Andrey had started DJing and collecting records around 2012 without any particular musical knowledge. By travelling to cities such as Helsinki and London to dig through piles of old dusty vinyl crates, he slowly developed his own style and a vast record collection that he still expands on a daily basis.

Andrey Ramonov

Currently based in Belgrade, Andrey continues his journey by connecting with the city’s electronic music scene, which has been growing in recent years thanks to a vibrant community and iconic venues such as the 20/44 boat club. Andrey even stumbled upon the ideal vinyl supplier there in the form of Paul from Balkans Vinyl, a British digger who left the UK to open his own record shop in Belgrade after noticing the lack of electronic music supply in the Serbian capital.

Andrey’s podcast for us is a rollercoaster blend of early 90s house chuggers, mixed in a single take with his signature “20 tracks per hour” pace, giving the set an old school quality that perfectly complements the raw energy of the individual tracks.