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September 25th, 2023

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Dju:n hails from Brest, a rave stronghold that has been hosting the legendary Astropolis for almost 30 years, considered the oldest electronic music festival in France.

As part of a young generation of DJs who continually blur the boundaries between styles, she quickly stood out for the density of her selections blending techno, electro, breakbeat, juke, trance, jungle… It’s difficult to label her as her sonic identity constantly evolves, much like a certain Miss Kittin, whom Dju:n cites among her main influences. However, one constant remains in her sets: a high BPM and a galvanizing energy that sweeps everything in its path.


Credit: Phili Foto

This diversity is also expressed through Purple Records, her label launched last July with Swooh, another rising star from the Brest scene. Their first compilation, titled Auralite 23, embodies this new wave of producers who embrace the codes of 90s dance music to reinvent it through hybridization, not hesitating to incorporate nods to modern pop culture without ever falling into cheesiness. The compilation features seven highly effective tracks designed with the dancefloor in mind, and produced by seven talented young artists from all corners of Soundcloud.

Dju:n’s mix is a perfect introduction to this scene for those who haven’t already explored it. It showcases the exhilarating energy that defines her trademark, catalyzed by her effortless mixing and a fierce use of vocals for added groove. A hypnotic ride full of twists and turns, equally suitable for home or warehouse listening.

Cover Photo: Morganographe