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January 25th, 2024

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Kim Kenis

Only quite recently did I start delving deep into the contemporary Belgian electronic music scene, realizing how central and defining it has been for my musical obsessions over the last few years.

The amount of talent I discovered along the way has been truly remarkable, showing that Belgium still stands out as one of the most exciting and dedicated countries in the world of electronic music.

From Brussels’ very own Kiosk Radio to labels like Basic Moves or Stroom, and festivals such as Waking Life and Horst Arts & Music, the Belgian scene’s most recent achievements unquestionably stay true to its rich and forward-thinking musical heritage.

Kim Kenis is an esteemed member of this new generation of Belgian electronic music artists. Originating from a trance background, Kim spent many years dancing at legendary venues like Fuse and Cherry Moon before finally stepping behind the decks. Drawing from her rich clubbing history and acute understanding of dancefloor dynamics, she quickly earned the opportunity to share her record collection at Waking Life, Paradise City, Funke and other iconic spots.

“I try to work as freely and intuitively as possible,” Kim replies when asked about her approach to DJing. “By that I mean I almost never know track by track what I’m going to play. I have a general feeling before I start a set, a direction I want to go and then I let myself be free.”

Kim often cites Giegling and Dial as important influences, which is evident in her selections ranging from floaty house grooves to dub techno, ambient, and everything in between. Unbothered by the ongoing trend to play fast and bumpy, Kim’s sound leans towards the deeper edge of the spectrum, as demonstrated by her mix for our series. Moods and rhythms flow elegantly into each other, creating a scenery of immersive soundscapes both dark and blissful at the same time.

Describing her approach to the mix, Kim says: “This set was recorded during a night hanging out at our house in the woods. I started digging into my folder/crate titled ‘Bliss’ using nature and the surroundings here as a starting point. It had to be a set that makes you feel good and warm. A story on the way to nirvana. A state of freedom from suffering and rebirth.”

Just listen, and you’ll know exactly what she means.