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Trace A Line Podcast (2009-2016 Archives)

Seven years after the end of Trace A Line, we are starting a new project focused on electronic music today. It is called Early Reflections, and this is the first post on our new website.

The idea is to keep sharing electronic music in all its forms and spotlight the artists who create it, in the hopes of reaching a small community of like minded enthusiasts. A new series of exclusive mixes, interviews with amazing people who have marked the history of electronic music, and the launch of a small label are all in the works.

As a way to kick off things, this first post is the (almost) complete archive of the Trace A Line podcast, with dozens of mixes from great DJs and producers recorded between 2009 and 2016. Most of the mixes had become untraceable since our old website was wiped out by our hosting provider, so it’s nice to finally have them back for everyone to rediscover these gems. Think Nicolas Lutz, Maya Jane Coles, Dorisburg, Fred P, Dewalta, Roman Flügel, Chloé, and so many more.

Fresh content will also follow soon, so keep an eye on our social pages (especially Instagram) if you would like to stay updated.

You will notice that some mixes unfortunately went missing along the way… If you still have some of them on an old hard drive and would like to help us complete the collection, please send a message to contact@early-reflections.com