Line_out has been collecting Drum & Bass records for 26 years, ever since he fell in love with the genre through the “Jungle Tekno 4” compilation in 1994. His collection includes 2,000 references from almost every mutation D&B has undergone since the early 1990s. From Jungle, Darkside, Neurofunk, Techstep, and Drumfunk, there isn’t a single […]



Dju:n hails from Brest, a rave stronghold that has been hosting the legendary Astropolis for almost 30 years, considered the oldest electronic music festival in France. As part of a young generation of DJs who continually blur the boundaries between styles, she quickly stood out for the density of her selections blending techno, electro, breakbeat, juke, […]

A Guy Called Gerald – Black Secret Technology (1995)

A Guy Called Gerald - Black Secret Technology

When it was released in 1995, “Black Secret Technology” wasn’t Gerald Simpson’s first rodeo. Despite his acid house beginnings with 808 State and his famous “Voodoo Ray” hit, he had been immersed in the hardcore breakbeat cauldron for four years already (his Juice Box label’s first releases date back to 1991). During this time, he […]